March Madness 2018 in Effect

Hey there HMO shoppers, we hope that all of you are having a great day as you’re reading this announcement.

Brace yourselves…MARCH MADNESS 2018 is here.

And it’s hitting us hard, especially in the form of phone calls and walk-ins here at HMotorsOnline. This announcement is just to brief all of our awesome customers about the things to keep in mind regarding our extremely busy schedule during this time of the year, and a few notices about walk-ins.

1. Calling during Business Hours

Please do keep in mind that our business hours are from 10:30 AM – 7 PM, on Monday through Friday. A lot of our customers have been trying to call us outside of these hours, and unfortunately we are unable to tend to your call as we are not at the phones (sorry East Coast!). It’s definitely best to give us a call within our business hours so we can pick up.

Also, please do understand that the phones are absolutely off the hook in the mornings, around the time that we open (10 AM) towards noon. Due to this, please expect to be put on a short hold as we take the time in ensuring each and every one of our callers get the information/help they seek.

2. Voicemail Box is Full

"The Phones at HMO"

“The phones at HMO”

That right there is a pretty good representation of how the phones here at HMotorsOnline behave, especially right now during peak season. Often times, our voicemail box may become full due to the loads and loads of voice messages that pile up throughout the day. If this is the case, don’t worry, just try us again towards the end of the day. Things typically die down at that time.

When handling messages, the typical turn around time for you to receive a callback is 2-3 days. If you have left us a voice message and have not gotten a call back yet, please do not worry — it does not mean that we have forgotten about you and your message — it just means that we are super swamped and are working through the queue to get to everybody.

3. Unscheduled Walk-Ins

Expect to be turned away, or have to wait for an hour or more. There’s actually a reason that we do not disclose the location of our warehouse shop that you can walk in, as it’s not a place to linger. We would love for everybody to come and shop, but unfortunately we do not have the time to accommodate those who seek to do that.

If you do happen to walk in unannounced, it could take up to several hours for your part/engine to be ready. Parts that you’re looking for could still be unboxed or in an area of the warehouse that is not easily accessible by our employees. Engines go through extensive examinations before they can be picked up. Our men at work are also constantly putting together shipments and are unable to steer away from this process as we have a daily deadline to meet so that our customers receive their shipments in the allocated time that is given.

Please call us one day in advance to schedule a walk-in so that we can get the part/engine ready for you. We really appreciate this.

4. Visiting HMotorsOnline

We are flattered that so many of our customers here in California, and many other states want to visit HMotorsOnline for tours and such. You guys are awesome and we are happy to fully accommodate those who call in advance to schedule a visit. Just let us know and we will be happy to schedule something for you.

Thanks to all of you so much for understanding that we have a rigorous examination, packaging, and shipping routine that we have to stick to on the daily in order to keep punctuality persistent.